Boateng's Cajun Creations

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About the Boateng's.

Why Us?

We are different from any Cajun restaurant because we prepare our food with delicacy, carefulness and love. We put very much into the safety, presentation and the taste of our food. When it comes to making cajun food just adding hot spices, spicy gumbo and "canye pepper" doesn't make it cajun. The quality of how much spice and how the base of your gumbo makes it cajun. When we make our food we put our all into it.

Who are the Boateng's?

The Boateng's moved from the Jersey Shore with their 5 yr. old daughter Clarissa in 1999 to escape the snowy winters and enjoy the long, warm weather of the South. Clement (Graham), a native of West Africa (Ghana) and Carolyn, a native of Comptom, California and the Jersey Shore (Asbury Park), started out cleaning big chain restaurants as an addiional income for their family. Having tasted and cooked the foods of the West Coast, the East Coast, the South and our Mother Country Africa,they decided to combine their knowledge of foods and spice it up Louisiana style. Since then you might have enjoyed thier cooking at Jubilee Joe's on Hwy 150 in Hoover until they left in 2007. They stepped out on faith and started their own restaurant at the Watermark Place in Bessemer. By 2007, they were open for business working 7 days a week to establish themselves in the community. Their hard work and commitment paid off when they were featured in The Birmingham News City Scene on Oct. 31, 2008. With rave reviews being said their food, they decided that it was time to focus on a better location that is more accommodating for their customers.